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IBS RESOLVE - For help with IBS, SIBO, GERD, Candida, H Pylori and other gut related conditions

Please Note:   I don't have any availability now until w/c 13 August 2024   

I work with clients solely by Zoom/Skype or Telephone Consultations. My IBS specialist nutritionist practice is fully operational and the Labs are running gastrointestinal testing with no delays. The GI EcologiX™ stool test is at a 15 working day turnaround and Invivo, Aerodiagnostics and Regenerus Labs currently have no delays with processing orders.  If you would like to arrange a nutritionist consultation, SIBO breath test, GI EcologiX stool test or Organic Acid test (OAT) please contact me.

Welcome to my Website!

“All disease begins in the gut.”

Welcome to my website, IBS Resolve, for help with IBS, SIBO, GERD, Candida, Helicobactor Pylori and other gut related conditions.

I am a Functional Nutritionist and IBS/SIBO Specialist based in the UK in South London (Bromley) but can accept clients from anywhere in the UK and worldwide through Zoom, or telephone consultations.  I am also a Pukka Health Guide trained with Pukka Herbs Life Academy.

I hope you will find my website informative, and if you are an IBS / SIBO sufferer who experiences daily IBS pain, spasms, constipation or diarrhoea, gas, bloating, indigestion etc. I hope you will take away some information that will ultimately help ease your day to day suffering.

I have designed my website to be as straightforward as possible, using terms that most people will have no problem understanding and providing information that will hopefully ultimately help you. For information about me and my specialist IBS nutritionist therapy please click here.


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What does Functional mean? What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine aims to look for the root cause of disease, rather than just treating the symptoms, using diagnostic tests, which may be stool tests, breath test, urine test, saliva or blood spot testing. This is a very common therapy in the US but not so well known in the UK although there are clinics in London and other parts of the UK that do practice functional medicine. The tests that I run most frequently are the GI EcologiX™, an indepth stool test which gives me a great deal of information about your whole digestive system, the SIBO Test, a breath test which looks for SIBO and the Organic Acid Test, a urinary test which shows me imbalances in metabolical and biochemical pathways, and thus likely disease.

Disease is evidence of imbalance, blockage or impairment in natural functioning.

We are not designed to be stressed, toxic, inflamed, infected, malnourised and unrested but yet still thrive, grow, reproduce, remain slim, feel well, eat anything and enjoy perfect bowel movements! This combination would not be normal!

In my work as an IBS and SIBO Therapist and Nutritionist, I have chosen to focus particularly on IBS/SIBO and other gut related conditions like H pylori, GERD, Candida, parasites, pathogenic bacteria etc and this means looking into the various potential causes of IBS and SIBO rather than just dealing with the symptoms. I also aim to educate you and inspire you to improve your health.

A lot of my work focuses on the Gut Microbiome and the interaction between the gut and brain and I mainly use the testing services of Invivo Clinical "The Human Microbiome Company", Aerodiagnostics for SIBO testing and Mosaic for my OAT tests.

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Do we always need to run laboratory tests?

Not always, no. You may be able to resolve your issues simply by dietary changes which your Doctor may recommend, such as short term low FODMAP etc. However, if you have a more serious issue, such as a pathogenic overgrowth, dysbiosis, parasite or SIBO then you will want to know for sure. I also want to know what your strength as a 'host' is in terms of inflammation and immunology levels within the gut.

Our UK NHS offers a fantastic service, for which we are incredibly lucky, but unfortunately most UK/London GPs/Doctors just do not have enough time to spend with their patients, many have very little nutritional knowledge and very few that I have come across personally have even heard of SIBO. My own GP in Bromley, South London had unfortunately never heard of SIBO.

You may have seen your GP many times for your IBS, been tested for H pylori, you may have been referred to a specialist Gastroenterologist and been checked for more serious conditions, such as Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease or cancer. You may have had a colonoscopy or an endoscopy which has come back clear. While this is all good news, ultimately a ‘diagnosis’ of IBS that there is little you can do about does not help your IBS or your stress levels!

Part of the service I offer is GI laboratory testing, all in the comfort of your own home. You do not need to visit me in Bromley, South London to do these tests, they can be done in the comfort of your own home. Testing such as the GI EcologiX™ and SIBO Test can reveal a whole variety of potential causes of your IBS, whether this is SIBO, parasites, H Pylori, low levels of beneficial bacteria or an overgrowth of pathogenic bacteria. We can also look for Candida or other yeast and fungal overgrowths, low pancreatic elastase and other inflammatory markers etc.

I use several laboratories, including Regenerus Labs (OAT Test), Genova (UK), Aerodiagnostics (SIBO Test ) who use Quintron equiment, Invivo (Phylo Bioscience - GI EcologiX) and DSL who use the most current PCR/DNA technology in their testing.

The most frequent testing I run with clients are the SIBO Test, the GI EcologiX™ stool test and the OAT urinary test. 

As of 2020 Invivo have invested in starting Phylo Bioscience™, a microbiome and biotech laboratory based out of Bristol in the UK. Phylo specialises in multiple microbiome diagnostics for the assessment of gastrointestinal, vaginal and oral ecosystems. This is an exciting move going forward and the new test that I am using, the GI EcologiX™ profile uses quantitative realtime polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR), using TaqMan technology, to analyse the bacterial, fungal and viral communities of the gastrointestinal ecosystem.

Invivo are also now offering other great tests such as the Oral EcologiX™ and the Vaginal EcologiX™. Both the Oral Cavity and the Vagina have a microbiome of their own and these tests are great additions to our testing kits.

Laboratory testing and supplements are, unfortunately, not cheap but over time you may have wasted hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds on supplements trying to help yourself which ultimately did not work as you still do not know the cause of your symptoms. For example, probiotics can sometimes be beneficial for IBS, however, if you have SIBO, general store bought probiotics like acidophilus lactobacillus may exacerbate the bacteria problem and your symptoms may get worse.

With a couple of fairly simple lab tests we can often potentially get to the cause of many of your IBS symptoms.

Every single person and every single digestive system is different !

The 5R’s Gut Repair

The main aim of what I offer is based on the principles of the 5R’s Gut Repair.

REMOVE – Bad foods/stress/bugs/bacteria/parasites including detox support.

RESTORE – Digestive function with stomach acid, pancreatic and gallbladder support.

REPOPULATE – With fermented foods, probiotics and prebiotics.

REPAIR – Your gut has been through the mill! Even when the infection has gone, inflammation can remain and often take longer to heal. You need to now repair the damaged gut lining – Common sense would suggest that the mucosal lining will take time to regenerate after being damaged by certain bad bugs and their toxins.

RE-BALANCE - Address whole body health and lifestyle factors so as to prevent future GI dysfunction. This includes sleep, diet, exercise and stress management.

Why is Testing so expensive!?!?

Unfortunately the laboratories set their prices and I can't do anything about that. Some UK clinics charge hundreds for consultation fees so I have tried to keep my price reasonable in comparison. I have spent thousands myself, on testing, supplements and then two years of Functional Medicine Training because I got nowhere with the medical profession and I know what it is like to suffer 'IBS' for many years.

Many people have wasted hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds and just want to get decent GI testing done as soon as possible, especially if their symptoms began after they experienced digestive symptoms following foreign travel. I will quickly arrange a GI EcologiX™ and SIBO Test so we can make a start at getting to the route of the issue.

In the Resources section there is a lot of information and links that you can take your time to read through, “digest” and make informed decisions about your own health.

There is a reading list with some fantastic resources that you may not have heard of. I suggest websites to look at with details of SIBO, different diets such as AIP, Fast Tract, Low Fodmap, SCD, and stress reducing lifestyle advice. I suggest free tests you can get through your GP (UK). Often, making many of these changes can have a dramatic effect on symptoms (like removing gluten, dairy, introducing daily meditation etc) but if you would prefer someone to guide you and would like to try and find the route cause of your digestive symptoms then please make a consultation with me, either in person (Bromley/South London), phone or Skype. Click here for information about tests I can offer you.

I will require you to complete a health consultation form prior to your appointment which we will discuss during your consultation.

For details how to contact me to make an appointment please click here.

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